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План на дейностите по проекта “Learning Foreign Language through ICT”
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015 00:00
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Activity plan of the project “Learning Foreign Language through ICT” 2015-2017








September 2015


A1.Information the school communities about the project. Erasmus corner.

A2.Designed of website of project.

A3.Nice to meet you!-creating presentations about themselves, class, school, country using ICT tools and posting the work on the project web site


-greeting people

-asking and giving personal information

-asking and saying where people are from

-asking and answering questions in order to complete a form

To BE (Simple Present)


-question words:What?,

How? Where?

From where?

-personal,possessive and demonstrative pronouns

-plural of nouns

-definite and indefinite article


-Names and address


-Names of countries





-Integration of skills

October 2015


A4. a) Let me introduce my family and my pets!-creating the family tree using photos and short presentations about each family member; present it in front of class. b)Magazine No.1-Spain


talk about families and pets

-describing people and pets

-expressing possession

-comparing people

-expressing resemblance

-talk about likes and dislikes

-possessive adjectives

-Genitive apostrophe ’s

-verb Have /Has got


-Comparative and Superlative of short adjectives

-Comparative and Superlative of long adjectives

-Irregular adjectives



Family relationships

-Personal apperance(phisical descriptions)





-Integration of skills

November 2015


A5.Dissemination activity


M1.Romania -Let’s talk about school! Planning activities and talking about rules. Presentation of website and magazine no.1.

-talking about routines

-expressing necessity

-asking and talking about school tables

-asking and talking about favourite subjects

-asking and talking about rules

-describing feeling about school

-planning an activity

-express opinions

-giving suggestions

-express obligation/to do or not to do something






-have to/don’t have to


-ought to/don’t ought to

school subjects

-school activities

-time table






-Integration of skills

December 2015


A6.IT’S CHRISTMAS TIME-make invitation, cards, write letter for CHRITMAS, make gifts, make power point presentation or using Prezi, Skype, conceive thematic tests so on. They’ll post these on the site and the best of them will appear in project magazines. Magazine no.2-Turkey

A7.Evaluation stage: assessment of impact of the project, of collaboration and cooperation, coordination of project activities, assessment activities performed and results, project  effects on teachers motivation, of the European project effects  on school policy (questionnaires).


expressing whises

-expressing likes and dislikes

-saying what they intend to do

-giving someone good whises on a special occasion

-giving opinions




-letter to Santa

would like  + infinitive

-future with will

-future with going to for plans and intentions

CHRISTMAS items and habits


-words referring to parties






-Integration of skills

January 2016


A8. WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS- every school will make short films during their lessons; During the meeting from Greece the teachers will decide which are the most relevant methods to teach; will apply the methods proposed in partnership in their classes to see the differences in children’s level and their understanding.


accepting and refusing politely

-offering people things politely

-asking and saying what people are doing

-making excuses

-asking for and giving opinions

-saying what they like to do in weekends

-saying haw they spend holidays


Present Simple

-Present Continuous

-Would you like:+to + infinitive(for invitations)

       +a noun(offers)



-places to be seen and visited

-terms reffering to sports

-spare time activities






-Integration of skills

February 2016


A9.WEATHER AND SEASONS-making mini- projects about the weather in Europe; post  of the mini-projects on the web site and the best of them will appear in project magazines.


describing weather

-express likes and dislikes about weather

-expressing possibility

-saying what time is it

-sayind the date and clock

Present Simple versus Present Continuous

-adjective formation: sun~sunny

-modal verbs:can,must


-adverbs of frequence:always,usually,often

-prepositions:in,on with dates

-words describing weather

-seasons and months

-ordinal numbers





-Integration of skills

March 2016


A10. LET’S GO SHOPPING-creating an fashion article about new clothes and make a corner fashion. Magazine no.3-Cyprus


discussing prices

-asking about foods and drinks

-comment on clothes

-discuss about fashion

-talk about people taste’s in clothes

How much is/are ?

-countable and uncountale


shops and shopping







-Integration of skills

April 2016


A11. A trip to ZOO-creating short cartoons about favourite animal.


-describing animals

-talking about domestic and wild animals

-saying objects location

Simple Present And Present Progressive

-words order in sentence

domestic animals

-wild animals

-preposition of place:in/on,next,behind of,on the corner of,opposite,






-Integration of skills

May 2016


A12.Let's story!-making short stories using children's imagination and creativity. Creating an e- book with title "Fairy tales of the World" where are included the short stories created by children(May- June). Magazine no.4- Greece.

A13.Dissemination after meeting


M2. Meeting in Greece- round table- discussions about materials made by school partners during the activities in each school. Opened lessons where participate the partner teachers. Presentation of magazines 2, 3, 4.

describing a book

-telling a personal event

-listen a known story

-make stories


Past Simple of regular verbs

-Past Simple of TO BE/TO HAVE

-Past Simple of irregular verbs


-common adjectives

-fairy tale characters

-types of books,

-parts of books,





-Integration of skills

June 2016

A14.Evaluation stage: questionnaires






July- August 2016

A15. Intermediate report.






September 2016


A16.DIARIES- every child will realize a diary where they describe the holiday events.


describing past activities

-giving preferences and reasons

-asking for information

-asking for confirmation

-express feelings


-expressing reasons and results

-making  an oracle


-Simple Past


-because versus so


adjectives describing holidays

-family relatinships

-days of the week

-holiday activities

-zodiac sign






-Integration of skills

October 2016


A17.HEALTH- developing of concerning for welfare and health through role play. Magazine no.5- Romania


-Talking about accidents,

-Asking for help,

-Expressing interdiction,

-Giving opinions

The adverbs of manner,

-The comparison of the adverbs,

-should/shouldn’t, would/could/shall I

-have got+ illnesses

-had better(advice



-The human body,


-Talking about accidents

-emergency services





-Integration of skills

November 2016


A18. Dissemination after meeting


M3.Turkey -to learn each others about ICT and methods of teaching using ICT tools. As practical theme will be "Sport". This will be like a conference where each school partner will present their video fitness programs to keep in form for a healthy life. Presentation of magazine no.5.

talking about sports

-speaking about the sports they like

-playing games


second conditional

-make/let + object + infinitive :allowed to






-personal information






-Integration of skills

December 2016


A 19.The green Planet- making a fact-file for animals and flowers in danger. Making a class portfolio. Magazine no.6- Bulgaria

A20.Evaluation stage: assessment of impact of the project, of collaboration and cooperation, coordination of project activities, assessment activities performed and results, project  effects on teachers motivation, of the European project effects  on school policy (questionnaires)


-talking about present result of a past action

-expressing achievement/lack of achievement

-giving and accepting warnings

-making a factfile on animals in danger

Present Perfect Simple(present result)

-Present Perfect Simple

-Present Perfect Continuous

-positive and negative imperatives +/-always&never

words reffering to Ecology






-Integration of skills

January 2017


A21. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS-Children will realize a fact-file or a short movie of inventions with the name: "Little thing lead to great inventions" using information from the Internet and will present all of these during the activity in Cyprus.


describing shape,size,and colour

-saying what things are for

-explaining how things work

-offering and accepting/refusing help


-explaining how long an action has been going on

-talking about inventions

-designing household items

it’s for + -ing

-let me...+offers

-Shall I....+offers


-Present Perfect Continuous + since and for

household equipement


-food and drink

-actions to make machinery work

-sign of faulty equipment





-Integration of skills

February 2017


A22. COMMUNICATIONS- making a report on a chosen topic interviewing several people. The reports will be posted on the project site to be voted.


-guessing meaning

-expressing agreement

-expressing preferences

-describing weather,food,places and people

-making a factfile on codes

-making personal codes and messages

so/neither +am/can/have I

-I’d rather and I’d prefer to

-so/neither + do I

-verbs + two objects(give+/-to)


-letters of the alphabet

-mean of comunication

-tv and radio programmes

-adjectives describing weather/places/food





-Integration of skills

March 2017


A23. A VISIT TO LONDON-Children will realize a short movie, a presentation or a model of: „The city/village of my dreams” and present this to the City/Village Council. Magazine no.7- Italy


M4. Meeting in Cyprus- CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS- for this meeting every team will get ready a presentation about the special days of country, the national costumes, traditions, special foods so on. Presentation of magazines no.6 and 7

describing places

-describing location

-expressing possible/probable conditions

-making a factfile or presentation on a city

-designing an ideal city

-making photo albums,movie session, watch cartoon,playing games

prepositions +geographical location

-points af the compass

-article categories

-the definite article + places

-First conditional

-words describing places

-geographical locations

-geographical terms





-Integration of skills

April 2017


A24.Starting the book "How to learn English easily?"

A25. Dissemination activities


Use a suitable tool like http://www.carnegielibrary.org/kids/storymaker/embed.cfm or


or http://www.storyjumper.com/

or https://www.tikatok.com/





May 2017


A 26 JOBS AND OCCUPATIONS-Planning children’s career by doing aptitude and personality tests and listing the responsibilities of the jobs they want. Magazine no.8- Poland


using  appropriate language for information purposes

-responding  appropriately to common personal information questions

-talking about jobs and occupations

-saying what are people doing

-saying what jobs they like and dislike

-non-defining clause:who,which,where

-describing a sequence of event :when, as soon as, as, while, just as, until

-drawing conclusions: must, can’t, might, could

-describing impressions




-areas of occupation

-adjective to describe personal and professional qualities





-Integration of skills

June 2017


A 27.Evaluation stage: questionnaires

A28.Dissemination after meeting


M5. Meeting in Spain -practical subject- HOBBIES- Exploring a hobby quiz on line–present the hobby into various phrases or tasks, and provide instructions for a slide show that will be presented as a group work to the meeting. Presentation of draft book and magazine no. 8.

talking about things they like/ love or hate. -talking about their hobbies as well

-exploring the various steps involved in participating in a hobby

-teaching other students about a new hobby

- exploring a hobby quiz on line - break up the hobby into various phrases or tasks, and provide instructions for a slide show that will be presented as a group to the class.

review of imperative forms

-adverb of frequency


-review of all tenses

hobby vocabulary expansion

-written Listening

-development of a slide show

- using Flikr, Free Clip Art site





-Integration of skills

July- August 2017

A29 Final report.